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Issue Fall 2021

Updated: Dec 23, 2021

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Dear Reader, This fall, our board of editors was privileged to read many works of historical scholarship by members of our institution. Each semester, we gain insight into fascinating topics that our peers have chosen to study; each semester, choosing which papers to publish is very challenging. However, we strive to publish the very best historical contributions of undergraduates at Harvard every semester with objectivity and rigor. Every paper is reviewed anonymously, scrutinized to the highest standard, and debated by the board as a whole before it is voted upon for selection. This edition of Tempus contains three papers focusing on diverse topics. Our first paper, “‘A Pessimist with Hope’: Clarence Darrow, Public Persuasion, and the Trial of Ossian Sweet,” was written by Michael Vassallo ’23. It takes us on a powerful journey through trial of Ossian Sweet and his legal defense by Clarence Darrow. The next is titled “Restraint and Passivity: Claudian’s Panegyric on the Third Consulship of Honorius as a Symptom of Paganism’s Decline in the Fourth-Century Roman Empire,” written by Madelyn Mauro ’23. This paper closely examines Claudian’s Panegyric and contextualizes it both socio-politically in the fourth century Roman Empire and intellectually within the broader tradition of classical panegyrics. Finally, “Toward a Postindustrial Future: Black Activism and Deindustrialization in Detroit after the Uprising of 1967” was authored by Mirnes Kukic ’22 and delves into the nature of deindustrialization in Detroit, the reactions of the city’s Black community to these developments in the Uprising of 1967, and the state of radical Black activism after 1967. Our board hopes that this edition connects you to the broader community of student historians on our campus. While we all continue to face the challenges of this pandemic, Tempus remains a place to exchange ideas and form connections, mirroring the purpose of the broader Harvard community. We continue to learn from each other and advance our own scholarship through this publication. This year has continued to strengthen our community and our goals. As we look to the new year and new semester, Tempus anticipates a continuation of this intellectual space on campus. Sincerely, The Editors

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